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Thank you for visiting Blue Sky Distributors (BSD) online. Welcome to our presentation of premium healthy living products provided only by suppliers who meet our exacting standards. The companies we work with are leaders in product innovation and quality for their respective fields. The demands of an increasingly health-conscious world and the desire to take charge of health supports our effort  and allows us to bring these products to you! The natural health movement reflects people’s desire to return to the basics of wellness instead of waiting to deal with sickness and the symptoms brought on by it.


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Our Flax and Muscadine products help support this movement because 60% of the population is deficient in Omega 3 and a greater amount of our population has a need for antioxidants due to our dietary choices.
Our flaxseed originates from a 5th generation 100 year old farm in North Dakota known under the brand name of “Flax USA”. Blue Sky Distributors has selected Flax USA as the exclusive supplier for our flax products because of their dedication to a superior, quality product. Our Muscadine Grape Juice and Grape Seed originates from the heart of Muscadine country in North Carolina.   Our supplier was selected based on their quality, freshness, vibrancy of taste, advanced processing technology and consistency of product.
We are located in the Midwest and at the cross roads of the nation where we are well positioned to serve the greater continental USA and the territories. We are constantly developing new relationships to bring our customers the best in nutrition or health products at affordable prices. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please do not hesitate to Contact Us. Your satisfaction is top priority for us and we would love to hear from you.



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